Solidarity with Black Lives Matter

A reboot of the LGBTQ Pride flag with an emphasis on inclusion and progression. Design by Daniel Quasar

Born out of protest, the San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band stands in solidarity with our community in the call to end violence against Black people.  We grieve for the loss of George Floyd, whose name joins far too many others: Eric Garner. Breonna Taylor. Philando Castile. Ahmaud Arbery. Nina Pop.  Theirs are just a few names of countless others lost from over four hundred years of systemic, violent racism.

The Band stands united in calling for an end to police violence and racial injustice.  We rise above the voices of hate to silence them with peaceful melodies.

The LGBTQ+ community paid dearly for the rights we’ve won, and those we continue fighting for.  We know that our freedoms and our liberation mean nothing unless the same rights extend freely to our Black siblings and all oppressed peoples.

While our musical voice has been temporarily limited to virtual performances, our commitments to social justice and equality are as strong as ever.  We join in supportive harmony to demand a fundamental shift in our government, our society, and our hearts, to recreate this country to truly be a place for all.

Out of many, one.  We stand in solidarity.

Black Lives Matter.
Black Lives Matter.
Black Lives Matter.


Playing with Pride,

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Phillip Spencer Huff
San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band
The Official Band of San Francisco

Flag design by Daniel Quasar