I started playing flute in 4th grade, all the way through high school (our band went to all-state California!). Tragically, I stopped playing in college, which I will regret forever. After several decades of not playing, I figured I’d never make it through an audition.

BUT… One day I was riding my bike and went past a sidewalk sale. There were cupcakes, so, naturally, I stopped and asked what they were raising money for. Low and behold, it was an SFLGFB fundraiser, where I learned that NO AUDITIONS WERE REQUIRED! And even better, that I could play ‘air flute’ until I was good enough to perform!!

Joining this group of amazing people has been The. Best. Thing. I’ve done for myself in forever. I don’t feel judged, no question is too dumb to ask, and kindness, fun, camaraderie abounds. My very first concert was about 6 weeks after I joined. I went with the ‘air flute’ approach and probably played less than a quarter of the music, but I was so incredibly full of joy for performing in a group again, that I pretty much cried the whole way through the concert. It was amazing to be a part of this incredible group, and I was HOOKED!

Outside of Band, I’ve worked for Kaiser Permanente for 13+ years. I am a cyclist and did the AIDS ride in 2001. I also do fundraising rides for Multiple Sclerosis, which my Dad had – he passed in 2001. I have two psycho rescue chihuahuas who keep me vastly amused.

P.S. I don’t do cats….