Larry Hetrick

Playing trumpet since the age of 9, I love being part of a band cooperating to make beautiful music. Coming from the Philadelphia Freedom Band to San Francisco to do a residency in psychiatry 27 years ago, I planned on joining the famous, first LGBT band in the world. But residency and practicing medicine took too much time. After years of working hard, I decided to work less and play more. I am so happy I joined San Francisco’s official band — The San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band.

I love the band because we gay people are gay in the old meaning of the word. We know how to love, have fun, and make music together. We get people singing, dancing and having fun with us. My favorite memories of the band are the 40th anniversary concert, marching in the Pride Parade, the Chinese New Year’s Parade, and Band Camp. Personally, the band has brought more meaning to my life and more loving relationships. The SFLGFB has become a big extended family for me. And, I get a lot of hugs. Thank you SFLGFB!

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