The Band’s Safe Return Plan

We’ve missed you too! The San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band is thrilled to resume live, in-person events. We have worked with health experts to develop a plan to protect the health of our musicians, our volunteers, and you our cherished audience. We would like to inform you of the following.

The risk of infection with COVID-19, a serious airborne virus, is still with us. There are proven ways to reduce the spread of the virus including vaccination, social distancing and wearing a mask. Getting a COVID-19 vaccine greatly reduces the risk of serious illness and death from the virus. We encourage everyone to get vaccinated.

When you attend one of our performances, you will be informed of any safety rules you need to follow. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Attendance at any SFLGFB event is always 100% voluntary. By attending any of our events, it is assumed you are aware of the COVID-19-related risks of in-person activities and that you accept those risks. If you have any reservations about attending one of our concerts, we strongly encourage you not to attend. You can always safely enjoy our YouTube channel at home and support us with your donation here on our website.

Please contact the Band at with any questions you have about our COVID-19 plan. And thank you for sticking with us through the past year. We look forward to entertaining, educating, and advocating for you “live and in person” once again!

Read our full COVID-19 Health and Safety Plan here.