San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band Launches BIPOC Commission Program

The San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band is excited to launch its BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, or Person of Color) Commission Program, with the goal of commissioning and premiering a brand-new wind band composition by a BIPOC Composer. This program is one piece in an ongoing initiative to build diversity in every aspect of our organization.

The Wind Band repertoire, and classical music at large, needs a greater diversity in voices that we hope to support through this commission opportunity. Once completed, this new composition will be available to high school, college, and community wind bands around the world.

First announced last year, the BIPOC Commission Program was largely funded by generous individual donations made at the band’s annual Dance-Along Nutcracker® in December 2020, with nearly 700 individuals donating a median of $20 each. We’re so thankful to each and every one of our donors for helping make this program possible!

For more information and to apply to the BIPOC Commission Program, visit the program page.

If you would like to help support our ongoing diversity initiatives, make a donation today.