Taka Aoki

After moving to SF, I wanted to join a band. I’ve played band music since I was 13 years old. It is my first hobby and I find it exciting. When playing music, I can forget annoying tiny things and feel peaceful and well. So I was really glad to find SFLGFB in SF.
Being in a LGBT-focused band suited me great. Since I joined the band in 2002, I have learned and enjoyed lots of things. I like how I can feel the impact of the music on other people and make connections between the crowd and band members.
I’ve had a lot of great and fun memories while being in the band. I can’t choose which was the best memory, though every time was great to have close band member friends. They are important to me because they make me laugh, help when I need it, and are good friends. My tone journey never stops with them.

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