Stephanie Richardson

I play trombone and I love it! I’m in the band because I absolutely love music and I didn’t have any outside opportunities to play in an ensemble or further my music knowledge outside of working as a TK-8 district music teacher. On a personal note, I was still very lonely after moving to the Bay Area for my job in Brisbane and now I have a wonderful band family! I remember being so anxious at my first rehearsal, but everyone was so nice and accepting which was refreshing after feeling so lost and alone.

I suppose my favorite memory technically happened outside of band at my 25th karaoke birthday party. At least 90% of those who attended were from band. I cry happy tears whenever I think of how much joy and support this band has given me!

I’ve certainly become more confident since joining band, and after experiencing 2 DANs I am beyond excited to step into my new role as Production Manager! Also, band camp rulez!

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